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Red Fabric Under a Tree

Praise for "What Is Ours"

"Wartenberg’s story, “What Is Ours,” is a deeply observed and deeply disturbing examination of a family’s silence and complicity in the face of a family member’s crimes. Alongside these two winners you’ll find the fresh, surprising work of this year’s talented honorable mentions. These are all writers to watch, and we feel certain that you’ll be seeing much more from them in years to come: They are a part of the literary future we’re making."

Eilis O'Neal, Editor of Nimrod International Journal

(Editor's Note, Spring/Summer 2022 Issue)


Interview with PEN America

"I grew up in Bogotá in the heyday of Escobar: the dangers out there felt real, were real, are still –– there, and beyond."

-Read the full interview here

Citrus Fruits

Roundtable Interview with Debutiful

"Meet 6 writers collected in the PEN America BEST DEBUT SHORT STORY COLLECTION 2023 Anthology"

-Read the full interview here

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